About Us

2nd Water aims to take the world of retail coffee by storm. And give a whole new direction to the coffee universe – as there’s more to coffee than being a mere consumer product.

We want 2nd Water products to be an addictive part of our consumers’ lifestyle - not a brew that one picks up as a routine. But one, that is picked up with spontaneity and with excitement, leaving behind a lingering taste that awakens all the senses and adds a bright spark to the day.

And for this to happen, familiarity must exit and innovation must enter. Because we believe coffee deserves new and exciting way of consumption.

Through our global partnership, we seek to enrich the local market with all that is different, innovative and creative. For this to happen, new pages have been opened for innovative and unique ideas in the coffee industry, even as the search for something new continues unabated in the local market.

Brewing Joy From Coffee

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